Metal Castings for the Future

Competitive industry experience and hands on approach provides our customers with hard wearing metal castings for challenging conditions.

RetroCast are expert in product improvement, manufacture and supply of ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings, fabrications, 3D printed parts and assemblies thereof, for industry in Australia and overseas. 

The strength of our company is in our understanding of the entire process from conception to finished product. We offer a network of specialised foundry, metallurgical and engineering expertise gained over years of involvement in these areas.

Using state of the art technology we can work with you to model and manufacture your project. 3D Scanning, 3D modelling, drawing, inspection and test plans along with material specifications are just some of the ways RetroCast delivers the full customer service experience.



Complete Part Manufacture

RetroCast captures and transforms client data input into 3D modelling files using laser scanning, Geo Magic and Solidworks software.

With the flexibility to offer Autocad drawing, RetroCast can help to transform ideas into high quality, metal castings in  a variety of materials like Stainless Steels, Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Gunmetal, and Aluminium, using various casting processes such as green sand, chemically bonded sand, thermo setting resin sand (shellcore), die casting, lost foam and lost wax.

     “RetroCast can help to transform ideas into high quality, metal castings”

RETROCAST is an ISO Quality Endorsed company and operates a quality management system to comply with ISO standard 9001:2015