Metal Castings for the Future

RetroCast’s laboratory facilities at Wynnum West allow comprehensive in-house testing and analysis of iron, copper and aluminium based materials.



RetroCast offers a range of services and expert knowledge to model the specific part you need. We can work with physical prototypes, rough sketches, verbal descriptions and other forms of instruction to ensure you get just what you’re looking for.


We have the ability to analyse iron, copper and aluminium based materials.

Hardness Testing:

We have a range of machines which include, King Portable Brinell Equitip Rebound tester, Podi Portable tester & Durometers for rubber material.

Ultrasonic Testing:

Evaluation of internal soundness of components and thickness measurement.



Microscopic Testing:

Inverted Olympus Metallurgical Microscope used to examine microstructures and other associated polishing and etching equipment.

Fabrication and Assembly:


Manual Measuring Equipment:

We have a range of micrometres, height gauges, thickness blocks, vee blocks, rulers, thread gauges, Vernier’s etc, for the most accurate of measurements.

Laser scanning:

Faro Edge HD ScanArm and Geomagic software. Used in conjunction with SolidWorks for 3D modelling.

Fused Deposition Modelling 3D Printer:

We print prototypes to check fitment – cutting down on production lead time & showcase designs.

Impact Testing:

Used to evaluate toughness

Flaw Detection:

Hand held yoke type Magnetic Particle flaw detection.


RETROCAST is an ISO Quality Endorsed company and operates a quality management system to comply with ISO standard 9001:2015