Metal Castings for the Future

Competitive industry experience and hands on approach provides our customers with hard wearing metal castings for challenging conditions.

Complete Expertise in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Castings


 RetroCast uses a variety of moulding processes to suit the needs of many different industries

Moulding Processes:

  • Greensand
  • Hardsand
  • Thermosetting
  • Lost wax/Investment casting
  • Lost Foam
  • Die casting

Depending on the nature of your casting requirement, whether it’s for Stainless Steels, Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Copper, Brass, Gunmetal or Aluminium,  RetroCast would select the appropriate process to best suit your project.

Retrocast’s experience and knowledge makes us a valuable partner able to assist clients on the development of prototype metal castings, material selection, and ways to ensure the integrity of your casting. Our foundry process draws on our experience to ensure the right casting for your product, whether it is resin sand, green sand, foam investment, wax investment or any other suitable process.


We ensure your product passes each stage before going to the next.

Design process

Step 1 Design

AutoCad/ 3D drawing of the designs

Step 2 AutoCad / 3D Drawing

Tool manufacturing from the drawings

Step 3 Tooling Manufacture

Molding for the final products

Step 4 Wax Molding

Process of ceramic shell

Step 5 Ceramic Shell Process

Rough cast part

Step 6 Rough-cast Part

Finished manufactured product

Step 7 Finished Cast & Machine Product

Your Partner, Your Product

At RetroCast we don’t make many of our own products. Instead, our credo is to manufacture our client’s products and treat them as though they were ours through the entire process.

Our expertise and quality delivery makes us a preferred partner for clients across fields including:

  • Agriculture
  • Boiler Parts
  • Hydraulics
  • Power Generation
  • Sugar
  • Material Handling
  • Plumbing and Hydrant products
  • Ground Engaging Tools
  • General Engineering
  • Civil Products
  • Refinining
  • Transport
  • Other industires