Retrocast offers a range of expertise and services

We help model the specific and custom part you need. We can work with physical prototypes, rough sketches, verbal descriptions and almost any other form of instruction, ensuring you get just what you’re looking for.


Knowledge and Service

RetroCast offers a range of expertise and services including:

  • Knowledge and advice regarding such things as materials selection and application suitability
  • Drafting services including Cad, Solidworks and associated file formats
  • A range of Non destructive testing including ultrasonics, dye penetrant and magnetic flaw detection, hardness testing
  • Dimensional inspections of all Off Tool Samples(OTS) by conventional methods and laser scanning
  • Material certification for Chemical analysis of metals and material mechanical properties compliance
  • Routine production batch inspections
  • Full Manufacture and Testing Services

RetroCast’s latest achievement:


The successful implementation of a new quality process that qualifies us with ISO9001

The refurbishment of the Southern side of a Spreader Stoker Travelling Grate which involved 3,600 man hours, 17 tonne of RetroCast castings, over a 16 day period. Completed on time and on budget.

Bent grate rack showing condition of grate prior to refurbishment

Showing burnt out grate clips and clip growth

Scanning of drive shaft and components before removal

Grate level significantly outside tolerance

Installation of skid rails

Installation of drive sprockets to shaft

Setting height of drive sprocket to top of skid rail

Installing top air seals

Checking rise of grate chain to sprockets

Checking grate chain alignment to skid rails

Grate racks installed

Grate ready for rotation

Installing grate clips

Checking operation of grate

Commissioning Spreader Stoker Travelling Grate

Handover complete